Cymatic Didgeridoo

This is a track called 'Wah' sent to me by didgeridoo player Ken Shapley. I visualised it using my cymatics water setup. To give you physical scale this is about 3cm across. The only post production I've done is to mask around it ...Read More

Video montage

Each frame of this video is a photograph taken from a specific frequency played in water. Read More

John Telfer – Cymatics and Music

John explains and demonstrates cymatics using harmonicism and a range of custom built instruments. Read More


90% Water is a sculptural installation which uses water, sound and silence to create a hypnotic, ever changing pool for reflection, contemplation and intrigue. I created a 20min track which plays on a loop. The track consists of sounds and ...Read More


John Stuart Reid is arguably the current world leader in cymatic research, specifically focused on scientific exploration. He is co inventor of the CymaScope (along with Erik Larson), an instrument that makes sound visible. He is currently exploring applications for this ...Read More


Cymatic help for autistic children Various discussions are ongoing with autistic research and support centers. Extensive discussions have taken place on the benefits of integrating interactive technologies with cymatics to allow total sensory immersion and control. A commission for Aldeburgh music saw ...Read More


Born 1756 Died 1827 Born in Wittenburg in Germany, Chladni's Father demanded that he study Law not science. He obtained his law degree in 1782 from Leipzig. After the death of his Father he vigorously pursued his career in science. Chladni ...Read More