This audio-visual scientific art project - founded by Jan Zehn in 1999 - focusses on the development of creative art tools and instruments for cymatics based spatial image and sound design and animation.

Understanding Cymatics as the basical process of creating dynamical patterns within any physical medium by simply vibrating it, of course this can also be done within multiple geometrical dimensions. The self-coined term CymaSonics means at least to create spatially audible patterns in a way of geometrical-controlled musical sound projection, resulting in an ultimate type of immersive fractal-morphing sound fields.... It is to put the underlying principles of Numbers, Harmonics, Cymatics, Lissaious forms, Wave propagation or Field Theory etc. into one scientific framework to build a visionary artistical instrument for visual controlled spatial sound design.

Thanks to the co-creative collaboration with Stefan Berke, who inspired the project with his many skills, it became possible to work on an international showcase. In March 2010 we created a software to pull together some of the most elementary cymatical abstracts into an immersive fulldome audio-animated demonstration movie clip titled "CymaSonics - Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1" - recently presented at the Fulldome Festival Jena 2010

The clip was screened again at the Fulldome UK 2010 in Plymouth July 10th.

Actually we're working on some 'objective' algorithms to convert video into sound and on a first modular CymaSonics work bench for real-time image and  sound creation - the CymatriXplorer gives a first interactive impression of the interface design.

More about cymatrical image and sound design .... you'll find on